Written Exam Registration


Clinical Neuropsychology


As a candidate for specialty board certification you are invited to register for the written examination. Suggested time frame is within one year of admission to candidacy.


The examination will consist of 125 multiple choice questions that cover scientific and clinical foundations of Neuropsychological Assessment, Clinical Neuropsychology, Basic and Clinical Neuroscience, Behavioral (Clinical) Neurology and General Clinical Psychology.  Only 100 of these questions are operational and will count toward your score on the examination. The other 25 items are provisional in nature and included only to gather psychometric data; they do not count toward your final score.


You are eligible to take the written examination a total of three times. Candidates who do not pass the examination on the first or second attempt may register to retake the examination after a waiting period of no less than six months following the date of their most recent attempt. Candidates who do not pass the written examination on their third attempt are not eligible to take the examination again during the remainder of their seven-year period of candidacy. Once this period has elapsed, candidates who wish to continue to pursue board certification may reinitiate the application process.


Follow the links below for information regarding exam dates and registration deadlines, and to submit your online registration form. Once you have registered, you will receive confirmation email and further instructions from the ABCN executive assistant, Ms. Annunciata Porterfield. After taking the written examination, you will be informed of your performance and the next steps in the board certification procedure.


Clinical Neuropsychology Written Exam Registration Form


ABCN Written Examination Schedule and Registration Deadlines


After you have registered for the Written Exam, you will receive a letter approximately one month before the opening of the exam window which will be an Authorization to Test letter from ProExam and will  include detailed instructions on how to contact Prometric and schedule an appointment to take the exam.




Forensic Psychology
As a candidate for specialty board certification you are invited to register for the written
examination. You must take and pass the written exam within 12 months of being
accepted into candidacy before moving on to the practice sample and oral parts of the
examination. The ABFP Corresponding Secretary is responsible for providing results to
the Candidate through the ABPP Central Office.
For more detailed informatin regarding the content of the written exam and suggested reading list, please access the ABFP website at www.abfp.com


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