Police & Public Safety

Robert J. Cipriano Jr, PsyD, ABPP

Police and Public Safety Psychology


Dr. Cipriano has been a licensed psychologist in Florida for 14 years and is Board Certified in Police and Public Safety Psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP). He attended Florida State University as an undergraduate and the APA accredited Psy.D. program at Carlos Albizu University for his graduate studies, specializing in clinical psychology with a tract in forensic psychology. He completed his APA doctoral internship in clinical psychology through a consortium at Central Louisiana State Hospital and Pinecrest Developmental Center in Pineville, Louisiana. His areas of interest are trauma and resiliency, threat assessment and management, and operational psychology. 

Q. What motivated you to seek board certification? My rationale for seeking board certification was to challenge myself as a service provider within the specialized field of police and public safety psychology. A significant goal of mine is to reduce the level of stigma among police officers and other first responders when personal and professional problems arise. Attaining board certification demonstrates credibility, competence, and proficiency  as a provider of psychological services to police and public safety, which I believe will aid that process. 

Q. What did you learn about yourself and your practice while doing board certification? I learned that I was still capable of commitment to an important professional goal,  a crucial element to this attainment. I also improved the depth and breadth of my psychology practice overall, enhanced my professional relationship with esteemed colleagues, reassessed and revitalized my future goals as a mid-level career psychologist, and renewed  my interest in a specialty practice in which I have invested valuable time and resources.
Q. What advice would you give to a candidate for board certification in Police and Public Safety Psychology? Persevere with the board certification process because it  builds your knowledge, competence, proficiency, and perhaps most of all cultivates  an  enhanced sense of self within one’s profession and specialization. 

Q. What have you found most valuable or rewarding about board certification? Attaining board certification strengthened my sense of accomplishment that aided me in accepting new challenges within the specialty practice. For example, I have noticed improvement  in resiliency skill development, heightened flexibility, enriched meaningfulness of my work, and augmented self-efficacy, all of which have been extremely rewarding.