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This website has been established to assist you in completing the examination process and becoming an ABPP Board Certified Specialist in Police & Public Safety Psychology. As your application progresses, we recommend you visit this website from time to time. We will be adding additional functionality, as well as posting announcements, news and other important information in the future.


To apply for board certification in Police and Public Safety Psychology:

1) Please review the Generic Requirements and the Specialty Specific Requirements

2) Complete the Online Application

Note: A new version of the examination manual (version 10)  has been published and is effective for all applications for board certification submitted after December 1, 2014. If your application for board certification was submitted prior to December 1, 2014 the policies and procedures governing your application may be found in version 9  ( for apps submitted 12/01/13 - 11/30/14) or version 8 (for apps submitted prior to 12/01/13).     

NEW: Core Knowledge Documents:  

These documents have been prepared as candidate resources for the ABPPSP Board Certification examination preparation.  Additional documents and updates are planned and will appear here periodically. 

click here  for Core Science Knowledge Document (assessment)

click here for  Core Legal Knowledge  Document 

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Click here to register for the oral examination


Click here for oral exam candidate instructions


To be eligible for board certification, applicants must satisfy the generic requirements stipulated by the ABPP, as well as the specific requirements of the American Board of Police & Public Safety Psychology (ABPPSP) specialty board. Applicants who submitted an initial application to ABPP for specialty certification in Police & Public Safety Psychology must also submit additional information for specialty board review.  If you have not as yet submitted your
ABPPSP Education & Experience Reporting Form for Specialty Board review, you should do so as soon as possible (you may download this form, which is now integrated into the application, from the link on this page). Those of you who have passed Specialty Board review will be notified by the ABPP Central Office that you have been advanced to candidacy. If you have submitted your ABPPSP Education and Experience Form, but have not heard from ABPP Central Office and wish to check the status of your application, you may inquire at office@abpp.org
After you successfully pass initial eligibility review by the Specialty Board and have been notified of your advancement to candidacy, the next step is to prepare and submit your Practice Sample (C.V., Professional Self-Study Statement, and Work Sample) to ABPPSP. Upon successful review of this material, you will advance to the oral examination phase. If you have not already done so, we recommend that you download a copy of the ABPPSP Examination Manual and review it carefully. This manual contains a thorough overview of the examination process and important details regarding the preparation of your Practice Sample, as well as information that will help you prepare for the oral examination.

As noted above, this website is currently a “work in progress.” In the near future, we plan to add new functionality as well as to post important news and announcements, so check back regularly. We anticipate that this site will soon include a help line and discussion forum so that you may post your questions, issues, tips, etc. Until that time, please feel free to contact us at
Once again, good luck and thanks for your support!