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Watch this space for updates and important information regarding the ABPPSP certification process

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NEW: Core Knowledge Documents:  

These documents have been prepared as candidate resources for the ABPPSP Board Certification examination preparation.  Additional documents and updates are planned and will appear here periodically. 

click here  for Core Science Knowledge Document (assessment)

click here for  Core Legal Knowledge  Document 

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12/01/2014   New examination manual 

Note: A new version of the examination manual (version 10)  has been published and is effective for all applications for board certification submitted after December 1, 2014. If your application for board certification was submitted prior to December 1, 2014 the policies and procedures governing your application may be found in version 9  ( for apps submitted 12/01/13 - 11/30/14) or version 8 (for apps submitted prior to 12/01/13). 

click for New Examination Manual (v10)

template for preparing Practice Sample now available  (v6.0 11/26/2013)

As many of you start to create a Practice Sample (PS), we thought you might benefit from a template some of us have used. While the required elements of the PS are enumerated in the Examination Manual (pp. 6-14), the manner in which you com pose the document has been left up to you. Based on some of your emails, we thought you might like a suggested format for the PS.  We have also drafted an ethics attestation form which is also a required component of the Practice Sample


click for  ABPPSP Practice Sample Submission Checklist  


Download instructions here   Download template here    Download ethics attestation form here




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