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Tuesday | July 30, 2013 Pre-Conference

8:00 AM


Author(s): David M. Corey, PhD, ABPP and Casey O. Stewart, PsyD, ABPP

Title:  Police Officers as Violent Offenders

Date: July 30, 2013 (Pre-Conference)

Time: 10:45-11:45 am

Location:  Waikiki Elks Lodge

ABPP Specialty Area: Police &Public Safety Psychology Division Affiliation: 18, Police & Public Safety Section

Description: Current literature on police officers engaged in extralegal violence suffers from a lack of distinction among the broad array of violent conduct included in the phenomenon.  This presentation discusses a model for classifying extralegal police violence into four types, organized by two factors:  antecedent aggression and role dependence. The authors also will summarize what current research tells us about causes and prevention of extralegal police violence in each of the four types.

Wednesday | July 31, 2013

8:00 AM


Author(s): Steven F. Bucky, Ph.D., ABPP (co-chair), Ronald A. Stolberg, Ph.D. (co-chair), Kimberly E. Wagner, Psy.D.
Title: Common Ethical Issues When Working with Professional Athletes
Date: 7/31/13
Time: 8am-8:50am
Location: Room 327
ABPP Specialty Area:
Division Affiliation: Div. 47
Description: Prominent Components of Successful Work with Professional Athletes


9:00 AM


Author(s):  David Schnarch & Ruth Morehouse

Title:  “Understanding Mind Mapping

Date:  July 31, 2013

Time:  9:00 AM – 9:50 AM

Location:  Convention Center, Room 318A 

ABPP Specialty Area: Couple & Family

Description:  Systemic sex therapy has been around for over 30 years, but applying modern brain science to sexual dysfunctions and desire problems is something new. Advances in neurosciences indicate the brain wires interpersonally, as a result of personal experience with others, and in particular, during "moments of meeting" (shared attention). For better and for worse, good and bad sexual experiences of intense moments of meeting producing heightened brain plasticity. Unfortunately, the massive anxiety many people experience during sex contributes to negative brain plasticity, sexual dysfunctions and desire problems. Theory of Mind (mind-mapping) plays a critical role creating and maintaining sexual problems. Mind-mapping is the ability of the brain to make a mental map of another person's mind) plays a critical role in anxiety regulation, sexual desire problems and sexual dysfunctions, as well emotional intimacy and sexual satisfaction in the worst and best of times. In this symposium two presenters lay out various ways mind-mapping plays out in couples' bedrooms as well as in treatment for the problems this often causes. They then outline the rudiments of Crucible® Neurobiological Therapy, which harnesses mind-mapping brain science to resolve complex sexual and relationship difficulties. The discussant will consider the presenters' thesis from the Couple and Family Therapy perspective.


Author(s): Bernadette Solórzano, Joan Biever, Monte Bobele, Nancy Bustamante Taft

Title: Short-Term Study Abroad Courses – Student, Faculty, and Administrator Perspectives 

Date: July 31, 2013

Time: 9:00 AM-9:50 AM

Location: Convention Center Room 321B

ABPP Specialty Area: Couple and Family Psychology

Division Affiliation: 17, 29, 30, 43

Description: We will describe our efforts in the development and implementation of a short-term study abroad course offered in Mexico to promote students’ cultural, linguistic, and professional competencies in providing services to immigrants and their families.


Author(s): Christine M. Nezu, Wendy N. Tenhula, Arthur M. Nezu, Shirley M. Glynn, and Susan J. MCutcheon

Title: Meeting the Diverse Needs of Veterans and Their Loved Ones

Date: July 31, 2013

Time: 9:00 AM-10:50 AM

Location: Convention Center Room 301B

Description:The Power of Two. Presentation in Session 1074, Innovations in VA Family Services



10:00 AM

Author(s): Robert M. Bilder, PhD, ABPP-CN

Title: Positive Applied Neuropsychology

Date: 7/31/2013

Time: 10:00am-10:50am

Location: Convention Center, Room 304B

ABPP Specialty Area: Clinical Neuropsychology Division Affiliation: 40

Description: Advances in neuroscience provide a basis for positive applied neuropsychology (PAN).  PAN leverages knowledge of brain function to facilitate or accelerate behavior change. This session describes how PAN is being applied at UCLA to promote optimal living and creative achievement campus-wide.


Author(s):  Marilyn Charles, PHD, ABPP
Title:    "Creativity:  Applying What We Know"
Panel:  "Creativity, Psychoanalysis, and the Arts - Divergent Views"
Date:  7-31-2013
Time:  10:00AM - 11:50 AM
Location:  Convention Center, Room 313B
ABPP Specialty Area:   Psychoanalysis
Division Affiliation:  10, 39, 56
Brief Description of Panel:  Members of Divisions 10 and 39 will discuss creativity as an important capacity that not only affects the individual quality of life but also makes possible the type of creative endeavors needed to solve the problems of culture and society.


Author(s): Calderon-Tena, C., Caterino,L. C. & McGrew,  K.

Title: Poster - Mathematical Development: The Role of Broad Cognitive Processes (E- 12)
Date: 7/31/13
Time: 10am – 10:50am
Location: Convention Center, Kamehameha Exhibit Hall, Level 1 (Session ID = 1115)

ABPP Specialty Area: School Psychology

Division Affiliation: 16, 40


Author(s): Devena, S., & Caterino, L. C.

Title: Poster - Prediction of Student Achievement Through Oral-Reading Fluency Scores (E-14)
Date: 7/31/13
Time: 10am – 10:50am
Location: Convention Center, Kamehameha Exhibit Hall, Level 1 (Session ID = 1115)

ABPP Specialty Area: School Psychology

Division Affiliation: 16, 40


11:00 AM


Author(s): Stewart Cooper, PhD, ABPP
Title: Conversation Hour - Emerging Ethical and Legal Issues in Consulting Psychology---Telepractice and Coaching
Date: Wednesday 07/31/2013
Time: 11:00 AM - 11:50 AM
Location: Convention Center Room 317A
ABPP Specialty Area: Counseling and Organizational Psychology
Division Affiliation: 13 
Description:   Three prominent ethicists discuss important emerging ethical and legal challenges in consulting psychology. Discussed will be issues in coaching and 360s, telepractice, and a resource framework perspective for addressing CP ethical concerns.


Author(s): Michael Hoyt, Jeffrey Young, Moshe Talmon, Monte Bobele & Arnold Slive

Title: Single-Session Therapy – Capturing the Moment 

Date: July 31, 2013

Time: 11:00 AM-12:50 PM

Location: Convention Center Room 322A

ABPP Specialty Area: Couple and Family Psychology

Division Affiliation: 17, 29, 30, 43

Description: Research from numerous sites indicates that many effective therapies involve brief lengths of treatment, including a single session. Original investigators and developers of the Single Session Therapy approach will describe findings and methods. A unique model will be presented for providing psychological services that takes advantage of clients' readiness for change. Research suggests that psychotherapy can be most effective if begun at the point that clients are most motivated to change; however, many current models of service delivery unintentionally place barriers bertween clients and service providers. We will present a walk-in counseling model that provides services to clients at the moment that they decide they are ready for change. Walking in is ubiquitous in our culture. "Walk-ins Welcome" signs are so common in many area of our everyday lives that we barely give them our attention. The presenters will provide an overview of "walking in" in our culture in general as well as in the provision of psychological services. A single-session mind-set is ideal for walk-in work. Experiences implementing walk-in therapy/counseling centers in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico will be described.

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