The Certification & Examination Process

The completed application is reviewed by the ABPP Executive Officer for compliance with general doctoral degree and licensure/certification requirements, and the School Psychology Specialty Board for specific requirements of the specialty. Following favorable review and verification, the applicant becomes a Candidate for certification and moves to Stage II, or the practice sample stage of the process.
In Stage II, two practice samples and a professional statement are completed, with assistance from a mentor assigned by the American Academy of School Psychology if the candidate so desires. Practice samples are reviewed for appropriateness by the Specialty Board, and upon approval, the candidate moves to the oral examination stage. Candidates provide two practice samples that represent the nature and scope of their stated professional practice. The first sample must be a videotape of good quality in which elements of problem solving are applied with an individual, group or system through assessment; intervention; consultation; applied research; teaching and supervision; ethical/legal compliance; and professional development.
Linkages between these elements should be evident. Examples of ethics/legal applications and, professional development are expected in either this or the second sample. The second sample should illustrate dimensions of practice that differ from the first sample, in terms of competencies, procedures, problems and/or populations. The second sample may be presented by any means that provides recoverable documentation: video-, audio-recording, transcripts, case studies, etc. Practice involving assessment, counseling and psychotherapy, forensic work, consultation, supervision, or educational activities may serve as practice samples, providing they offer sufficient information to the examining committee.
Senior candidates (15 or more years of practice post-licensure) have the option to substitute the videotape case oriented practice sample #1 with an additional practice sample such as a book, publication, program development, training program that represents solid contributions to the practice of School Psychology At Stage III, the Examination Coordinator of the Specialty Board forms an examination committee of three Board Certified Specialists in School Psychology and schedules the date and time of the oral examination.
The oral examination explores the Professional Statement for evidence of the nature and scope of the candidate’s pattern of practice, including the theoretical and empirical bases of that practice.
The examining committee explores the description provided by the Candidate of ways in which the practice samples illustrate approaches, rationales, methods and issues. Candidates are expected to be familiar with professional issues currently impacting the profession and give evidence of involvement with continuing development and professional activities which maintain and enhance professional growth is expected.

Candidates are provided with a written manual well before the practice samples and oral examination are scheduled.
The results of the examination are forwarded to the Executive Officer for notification to the Candidate.
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