Specialty Specific Requirements


In addition to the above general requirements, each specialty requires appropriate education and training as the foundation for the specialty, and such post-doctoral preparation as necessary to meet the standards of the specialty.  This includes a recognized internship program; and:


Three years of experience in Rehabilitation Psychology:

Two of the three years must be supervised.

One year may be satisfied by a predoctoral internship with an emphasis in Rehabilitation Psychology.


Supervised experience in Rehabilitation Psychology which can be satisfied by:

Two years of postdoctoral experience with an emphasis in Rehabilitation Psychology, or
One year of pre- and one year of post-doctoral supervised experience in Rehabilitation Psychology, or
Successful completion of a recognized postdoctoral program in Rehabilitation Psychology.


1. Complete and submit the application and fee to the ABPP Central Office.
2. Please note that the application requires submission of a copy of your current state or provincial psychology certificate/license.
3. Please have an official copy of your Doctoral graduates school transcripts sent directly to the ABPP Central Office.
4. Rating Forms (to be forwarded to the ABPP Central Office) from two supervisors, and two or three colleagues or peers, each of whom can attest to the nature, extent and quality of your experience and competence in rehabilitation psychology are required. Supervisors are expected to comment on the nature (clinical versus administrative) and length of supervision. These forms are included in the application.
5. Endorsement forms are required from at least two colleagues who are aware of the scope of your training and current functioning. These forms are included with your application and should be submitted to the ABPP Central Office with your completed application.


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