The Certification & Examination Process

Certification Process: Overview:

This Manual describes in detail the process and procedures for being awarded board certification as a psychoanalyst.  The Manual is organized following the outline in the Table of Contents.

The examination consists of two integrated components:  The practice sample review and its acceptance and the oral examination by a team of three examiners who are certified in psychoanalysis.

Following submission of the application form and related materials, an applicant is notified of the decision regarding candidacy. The candidate has up to one year to satisfy the practice sample/professional statement requirement and an additional year to complete the oral examination.  Candidates should complete the certification process in a one to two year time-span.

It is helpful to think of the certification process as one in which the required professional preparation for the specialty is validated, then followed by a performance examination which evaluates competencies characteristic of the specialty.

A detailed presentation of the requirements for the necessary preparation to qualify as a candidate for the examination follows in Chapter II, Eligibility.  The examination is described in Chapter IV, The Examination.

Please review the information in the following files regarding the various stages of the ABPsaP Examination Process:


Examination Manual ABPsaP (pdf)


Practice Samples Information ABPsaP (pdf)

Oral Examination Info ABPsaP (pdf)

Senior Psychologist Option ABPsaP (pdf)


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