Welcome - from the President

Joel C. Frost, EdD, ABPP


We are a merged Board and Academy. We are the Group Psychology Specialty Section of the American Board of Professional Psychology. Our primary mission is the recruitment and examination of Group Psychologists for their ABPP. Secondly, we work to advocate for, and promote Group Psychology and group psychotherapy.


We comprise an active Board committed to the process of group dynamics, in all of its forms. We encourage those of you who currently have your ABPP in another Specialty, to consider becoming Boarded in Group. We encourage you who are already boarded in Group to actively recruit your colleagues to pursue their ABPP. Further, we encourage you to consider participating on, or with this Board in one of our many endeavors on behalf of Group. 


We encourage Psychology graduate students whose interests are Group to initiate their application process early. We encourage Early Career Psychologists to be active on our Board, and engage in our examination process. We encourage senior psychologists to take advantage of our Senior Option. In these ways, and at each level, you will be contributing to the advocacy and promotion of Group Psychology.


Our organization provides helpful information to the public about research that attests to the efficacy of group treatments. We can facilitate referrals to ABPP certified Psychologists. We are in the process of establishing our own dedicated web site, which will allow us to better inform the public about group treatment, and inform interested group psychologists about the application and examination process.


On this web site, you will find links to all of the materials that you will need to be informed about us, about the application, and about the examination. Please download the materials, and start the process. We are excited to hear from you.


Joel C. Frost, EdD, ABPP

President & Treasurer, American Board of Group Psychology

Board of Trustees, American Board of Group Psychologists

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