Specialty Specific Requirements


Applicants for ABPP candidacy with specialization in forensic psychology must meet general requirements applied to all ABPP candidates and additional requirements specific to the forensic specialization. General ABPP requirements are described in detail in the ABPP generic application materials. Simplified, they require: a doctoral degree from a program in professional psychology (e.g., clinical psychology or counseling psychology) from a graduate program that was APA-approved at the time the degree was awarded, or that offered a curriculum that was the equivalent of APA requirements; completion of an appropriate APA-approved internship, or an internship that offered the equivalent of APA requirements; current engagement in professional work in the relevant specialty, and evidence of continuing education during the postdoctoral years; and appropriate licensing for psychological practice in the state in which the candidate practices, or in some state if practicing in a federal facility.


Requirements specific to forensic specialization additionally include: at least 100 hours of formal education, direct supervision or continuing education in forensic psychology; and at least 1000 hours of experience in forensic psychology obtained in either of two ways (i.e., completion of a full-time, at least one year, postdoctoral training program in forensic psychology, meeting curriculum requirements consistent with APA’s definition of forensic psychology as a specialty, or during a minimum period of five years, all of which are postdoctoral).

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