Welcome - from the President

Mary O’Leary Wiley, PhD, ABPP


Greetings from the American Board of Counseling Psychology (ABCoP)!


The American Board of Counseling Psychology is one of the fifteen specialty boards comprising the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP).


Counseling psychology is a general practice and health service provider specialty in professional psychology. It focuses on how people function both personally and in their relationships at all ages. Counseling psychology addresses the emotional, social, work, school and physical health concerns people may have at different stages in their lives, focusing on typical life stresses and more severe issues with which people may struggle as individuals and as a part of families, groups and organizations. Counseling psychologists help people with physical, emotional and mental health issues improve their sense of well-being, alleviate feelings of distress and resolve crises. Counseling psychologists also provide assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of more severe psychological symptoms. Specialized knowledge incorporated into the training and practice of Counseling Psychology includes a focus on healthy aspects and strengths of clients (whether being seen as individuals, couples, families, groups or organizations), environmental/situational influences (how cultural, gender and lifestyle issues shape people’s experiences and concerns), issues of diversity and social justice (e.g., advocacy), and the role of career and work in peoples’ lives. These areas of focus are evident in work with clients throughout the lifespan. (http://www.apa.org/ed/graduate/specialize/counseling.aspx).


Board certification as a Counseling Psychologist means that a person has successfully demonstrated the foundational and functional competencies expected of a professional psychologist with a specialized focus on Counseling Psychology’s approach of promoting human functioning across the life span using preventative, developmental, and remedial strategies.


If you are a psychologist interested in board certification in Counseling Psychology, please visit this website for information about the specialty. http://www.abpp.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=3317


To download the forms that will get you started on the process, please visit http://www.abpp.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=3364 


Whether you are a Counseling Psychologist working as a clinician or academician, a trainer, a supervisor or an administrator, I invite you to consider board certification as a Counseling Psychologist. Whether you are still a student, or have many years’ experience as a Counseling Psychologist, you are welcome to apply to become board certified.


Applicants interested in having a mentor to guide you through the process of board certification can find mentors through the American Academy of Counseling Psychology (AACoP), an organization whose members are all board-certified in Counseling Psychology, and a group you will join following successful completion of the board certification process. 


The current president of the AACoP is Jeanette Madkins, PhD, ABPP at Texas A & M University jmadkins@scs.tamu.edu. The Mentor Coordinator is Steve Gilber, PhD, ABPP at Minnesota State University Mankato s.gilbert@mnsu.edu.


The current members of the American Board of Counseling Psychology include:

•  Mary O’Leary Wiley, PhD, ABPP - President wiley510@gmail.com

•  Mary Ann Covey, PhD, ABPP - President-Elect Mcovey@scs.tamu.edu

•  Sylvia Marotta-Walters, PhD, ABPP - Past-President and BOT Representative syl@gwu.edu

•  Christopher Button, PhD, ABPP - Secretary/Treasurer Christopher.button@gmail.com

•  Laura Palmer, PhD, ABPP - Credentials Chair and Pipeline Coordinator psych@drlaurapalmer.org

•  Allison Clark, PhD, ABPP - Practice Sample Reviewer allisonclark22@gmail.com

•  Janice Lebel, EdD, PhD, ABPP - Oral Exam Chair jlebel@comcast.net

•  Adrienne Barna, PhD, ABPP, Consultant to Chair, Oral Exam adrienne.barna@gmail.com

•  Sharon Bowman, PhD, ABPP - Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Coordinator sbowman@bsu.edu

•  Jeanette Madkins, PhD, ABPP - Early Career Coordinator JMadkins@scs.tamu.edu

•  Joel Foster, PhD, ABPP - Communication Coordinator drjoeltfoster@yahoo.com





All Board member would be happy to discuss any questions you might have about the certification process.


As a person with training, experience or involvement with Counseling Psychology, we hope that you will pursue board certification. We think you will be glad you did.


Mary O’Leary Wiley, PhD, ABPP (2016-2017)

President, American Board of Counseling Psychology



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