A new examination manual has recently been posted at the ABPP.org website; however Ive already started the process under the previous exam manual procedures. Which manual should I use?

The examination manual is updated periodically. Candidates currently in the examination process have six months from the date of that manual (posted on the cover page) to complete and submit work samples that were initiated under the immediately previous version of the manual.  ALL work samples submitted six months after the posting date of the current manual must utilize the current manual or will be returned to the candidate.


Im submitting an Assessment and an Intervention video sample, can I use the same patient for the two video work samples?

No, a different patient must be used for each video recording.


Is it true that as a Senior Applicant I do not need to submit a work sample?

No, that is not true. A Senior applicant must submit a work sample demonstrating substantial contributions to the discipline of Clinical Psychology full description of the Senior work sample requirements can be found in the current examination manual.  The primary difference for the Senior work sample is that it does not require the video submission. However, Senior candidates are welcome to submit a video work sample if they so desire


I was licensed as a Masters level provider before I was licensed as a doctoral level provider, can I count that time toward the Senior Option?

No, to be eligible for the Senior candidate option, you must have 15 years of independent practice licensed at the doctoral level.


Will my oral exam be recorded?



Do I need to submit psychological testing if I am submitting an assessment work sample?

No, there is no requirement that formal psychological testing be used in the assessment work sample. Candidates are welcome to submit psychological testing as a part of the Assessment work sample if they so desire.


Can I submit a video re-enactment of a session or use actors?

No. The video work sample must be a true encounter where the therapeutic/professional relationship is observable.


Do I need to get a signed release to video my patient (or, why do I get one if I dont mail it in)?

Yes, the signed release to video is required for obvious reasons. Consistent with guidance provided in the examination manual, it should not be mailed as a component of the work sample submission. However, including the discussion of the release on the video is encouraged.


My agency does not permit me to video patients; can I apply for a waiver to this requirement?

The examiners ability to directly observe a candidates clinical encounter with a patient and/or professional encounter with a supervisee has been deemed an essential component of the non-senior clinical exam process. Exceptions or waivers to this requirement are not granted. 

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