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Saturday | August 3, 2013

8:00 AM


Author(s): Theodore Tsaousides, PhD, ABPP (RP) and Teresa Ashman, PhD, ABPP (RP)
Title: Improving Executive Function Post-TBI: An Integrated Problem Solving/Emotional Regulation Approach
Date: Saturday, August 3
Time: 8am-3:50pm
Location: O’ahu
ABPP Specialty Area: Rehabilitation Psychology
Division Affiliation: Division 22 – Rehabilitation Psychology
Description: This 4-part workshop presents an integrative treatment approach for improving executive functioning (EF) following traumatic brain injury (TBI), combining 2 empirically-based interventions: problem-solving (SWAPS) and emotional regulation (EmReg). EF deficits are among the most disabling consequences of TBI and an obstacle to social and vocational recovery. Part 1 provides the theoretical and empirical basis of the 2 interventions, and outcomes from 2 randomized controlled trials. Parts 2 & 3 involve training in SWAPS and EmReg, including case examples. Part 4 is a simulation of a treatment session facilitated by the instructors, with attendees assigned the role of patient or therapist.


Author(s): Chin, JL, Desormeaux, L, Sawyer, K., Liang, C., Li, V., Remer, P., Arrington, E., 
Title: Diversity Leadership: Research Results 
Date: Sat, Aug 3

Time: 8AM
Location: Convention Ctr, Rm 313A
ABPP Specialty Area: Clinical
Division Affiliation: 35, 45
Description:  Influence of gender, race/ethnicity and sexual orientation on leadership, and the development of a framework to promote inclusiveness and diversity in leadership.  Results of a Diversity Leadership Summit conducted Jan 2013


Author(s): Helen Coons, Ph.D. ABPP & W. Douglas Tynan, Ph.D., ABPP
Title: Health Care Reform and Health Psychology Services – A Town Hall Meeting on Reimbursement Advocacy
Date: Saturday 8/3/13
Time:  8:00 AM to 9:50 AM
Location: Room 320  Convention Center
ABPP Specialty Area: Clinical Health Psychology
Division Affiliation: 38
Description: A discussion of the implications of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on reimbursement for Psychologists in an environment that will emphasize prevention of illness and primary care.


Author(s): Brown, A., & Caterino, L. C

Title: Poster - Do School Start Times Affect Adolescents' Academics and School Behavior? (E-10)

Date: 8/3/2013
Time: 8am – 8:50am
Location: Convention Center, Kamehameha Exhibit Hall, Level 1 (Session ID = 4013)

ABPP Specialty Area: School Psychology

Division Affiliation: 16, 40


Author(s): Amanda Zelechoski, Amanda Tuohy, Agata Freedle, Carly Hanks, Candace Veitas
Title: Role of Trauma in Law Enforcement and Correctional Settings
Date: 8/3/13
Time: 8:00am-8:50am
Location: Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort, South Pacific Ballroom III; Mezzanine-Mid-Pacific Conference Center
Division Affiliation: 41, 17, 27, 50, 56
Description: This symposium will examine the degree to which law enforcement and correctional officers understand the impact of trauma on criminal behavior, believe they have a role in reducing traumatic exposure, and acknowledge personal trauma history.


9:00 AM


Author(s): Lerner, D., Green, S., & Caterino, L. C.

Title: Poster - The Structure of Cyber Aggression (G-17)

Date: 8/3/2013
Time: 9am – 9:50am
Location: Convention Center, Kamehameha Exhibit Hall, Level 1 (Session ID = 4077)

ABPP Specialty Area: School Psychology

Division Affiliation: 16, 40


10:00 AM


Author(s): Sigmund Hough, Ph.D., ABPP/RP and Marika Hess, M.D.
Title: Spinal Cord Injury and Sexuality: The pragmatics of broad-based clinical practice and practical application.
Date: 8/3/2013
Time: 10:00 am – 11:50am
Location: Kamehameha Exhibit Hall
ABPP Specialty Area: Rehabilitation Psychology
Division Affiliation: 22
Description: The impact a spinal cord injury can have on achieving physical and emotional intimacy, and the potential to maximize sexual ability and quality of life.


Author(s):  Amy Wachholtz, PhD

Title:  Pain vs. suffering in palliative care:  The role of religious coping   (In the Session: Clinical Psychology of Religion and Spirituality—A Niche Who's Time Has Come)

Date:  8/3/13

Time:  10:00-10:50am

Location:  Rm 328

ABPP Specialty Area:  Clinical Health Psychology

Division Affiliation:  Div 38, 36

Description: Pain is a multi-dimensional, complex experience.  This statement is even more valid when dealing with issues at the end of life.   As the population ages, there is increasing awareness of how multi-dimensional pain can affect quality of life at the end of life.  In the palliative care and hospice context, it is a struggle to adequately identify and meet the needs of patients experiencing pain within a bio-psycho-social-spiritual context.  Psycho-social-spiritual pain may have multiple etiologies including fears related to the end of life, remorse over life decisions, guilt related to being a burden, and sadness at the loss of future experiences.  Since psycho-social-spiritual pain can be misidentified as physical pain, it is not unusual for this type of pain to be treated with opioids and benzodiazepines.  These medications are deliriogenic and can disrupt quality of end-of-life.  This talk will explore the empirical evidence for a relationship between the spiritual dimensions of suffering and the experience of physical pain through the lens of psychological, theological, medical, and sociological research.  By intertwining these areas, I will review definitions of suffering and pain, identify the relationship between spiritual anguish and physical pain, appropriate assessment of each domain and finally discuss how to use interdisciplinary and evidence based approaches to alleviating suffering in palliative care.


Author(s):  Joanna Arch (Chair), Steve Hollon, Arthur M. Nezu, Terry Wilson, and Robyn Walser.

Title:  Top 10 lessons Learned from Disseminating Evidence-based Interventions in Real World Settings – dedicated to the Memory of Susan Nolen-Hoeksema

Date:  8/3/13

Time:  10:00-11:50am

Location:  Convention Center, Room 310


11:00 AM


Author(s):  Thomas Plante, PhD, ABPP 

Title: Consultation with religious institutions: Strategies for success
Date: Sat 8/3/13
Time: 11-12

Location:  Room 301A, Convention Center

 Specialty Area: Clinical
Division Affiliation:  36 
Description: Symposium entitled: From research to practice - recent advances toward an applied psychology of religion and spirituality


12:00 PM


Author(s): Dennis C. Russo, Ph.D., ABPP
Title:  Integrated Health Care Delivery within Academic Medical Center Environments:  Critical Roles and Skills of the Psychologist at the Point-of-Care.
Date: Saturday, August 3, 2013
Time: 12:00 -1:50 pm
Location: Convention Center, Room 312
ABPP Specialty Area: Cognitive and Behavioral
Division Affiliation:  APA Board of Professional Affairs
Description: Presentation at APA Board of Professional Affairs Symposium:  New Opportunities for Practicing Psychologists through Implementation of the Health Care Reform La


1:00 PM


Author(s):  David Schnarch

Title:  “Understanding Sexual Desire and Personal Development In Love Relationships.”

Date:  August 3, 2013

Time:  1:00PM – 1:50 PM

Location:  Convention Center, Room 302A 

ABPP Specialty Area:  Couple & Family

Description:  Sexual desire problems are couples' most common sexual complaint, and reported by therapists to be the most difficult to resolve. This presentation offers a non-pathological positive psychology understanding of sexual desire problems in emotionally committed relationships, suggesting sexual desire issues and struggles of self-development are inherent parts of the natural systemic ecology of healthy relationships. Following this, a unique approach to integrated sex therapy and couple and family therapy developed over 30 years, based on personal differentiation and interpersonal neurobiology and applicable to non-married and LGBTQ couples, will be outlined.

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