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Friday | August 2, 2013 -- afternoon 

12:00 PM


Author(s): LoCicero, A. Boyd, W.J., Marlin, R., & Malowney, M
Title: Clinical Psychology Doctoral Students Knowledge of Ethics for Psychologist in Military Settings.
Date: Friday, August 2
Time:  12 PM
Location: Convention Center 3038
ABPP Specialty Area: Clinical
Division Affiliation: 48
Description: Clinical psychologists are subject to a military draft, even in the absence of a general draft by the US military. Should such a draft occur, psychologists would be assumed to be ready for service. We surveyed clinical psychology doctoral students from eleven graduate programs about their knowledge of the ethical duties of health care providers in military settings.  Our survey was adapted from a similar survey of medical students.
We find the results of our study so far to be distressing in several ways. First, students do not know that they are subject to draft, and are not well-prepared to deal with ethical issues in military settings. Second, the majority of the students in our survey are unfamiliar with the mandates and dictates of the Geneva Conventions. Third, many students are unaware of existing ethical guidance for psychologists working in military settings. Fourth, existing guidance from APA is contradictory and confounding.




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