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Friday | August 7, 2015 -- afternoon 

1:00 PM


Author(s): Steven J. Danish, PhD, ABPP

Title: Symposium--Mental Health in the Military: Normal Minds in Abnormal Times

Date: August 7th

Time: 1 PM

Location:  Mental Health in the Military: Normal Minds in Abnormal Times

ABPP Specialty Area:  Counseling Psychology

Division Affiliation: Military Psychology (Div. 19)

Description:  In this symposium, we propose to examine the effects of war on Service Members and their Families, and some of the reintegration issues that both face as the return to civilian life.  Not all Service Members return worse, some return better, but none return unaffected.   The first presenter, a female Navy LCDR who was formally a Marine describes the current experiences of women Marines through a series of qualitative interviews and learns their stresses and perspectives about their roles in the Corps. The second presenter, a doctoral student in a counseling psychology program provides a first-person account of her experiences as the wife of a wounded Veteran. She discusses her caregiver experience, highlighting the challenges she and her husband faced during reintegration post-service and her husband’s ongoing treatment and recovery for a moderate TBI and PTSD. The third presenter, a retired Army general and former Vice Chief of Staff of the Army will discuss the importance of removing the D in PTS as a means of reducing the stigma associated with the invisible wounds of war.  Finally, a retired psychology professor who is now working and conducting research with the military will illustrate how transitions experienced by either the Unit, Service Member or Family Member can affect the well-being of the Service Member and/or Family. Moreover, he describes how the most difficult transition, going home, may precipitate an unresolved identity crisis for the Service Member and how one can deal with it. Participants will then respond to questions from the audience.


4:00 PM


Author(s): Jared L. Skillings, PhD, ABPP and John C. Linton, PhD, ABPP
Title: ABPP in Clinical Health Psychology-Tips to Make Board Certification As Painless As Possible
Date: Friday 8/7/2015
Time: 04:00 PM - 04:50 PM
Location: Convention Centre Room 711
ABPP Specialty Area: Clinical Health Psychology
Division Affiliation: 38 (Health Psychology)
Description: This conversation hour will include a review of the three steps of the Clinical Health Psychology ABPP process: credentials review, practice sample/ senior portfolio, and oral exam.  The hosts are leaders in the field, and they will provide detailed descriptions about how to effectively navigate the ABPP process, with ample opportunity for questions and answers from the audience. 



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