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Sunday | August 9, 2015

9:00 AM


Author(s):  Stewart E. Cooper

Session Title: 4069 Ethical and Legal Issues in Teleconsulting and Telecoaching

Session Type: Symposium

Date: Sun 08/09 9:00AM - 10:50AM

Division/Sponsor: 13-Consulting; Co-List: 1, 12, 14, 19, 22, 31, 41, 55

Building/Room: Convention Centre/Room 104B North Building-Level 100

Description: This presentation will explore the Clinical, Ethical, Risk Management, and Legal Issues involved in tele-coaching including alternative ways to establish competency. Relevance of the APA “Guidelines for the Practice of Telepsychology” will be discussed as will be discussed along with the ASPPPB Interstate Compact and E-Passort. Suggestions related to competent practice in each of these four domains will also be presented. Recognizing that most psychologists do not learn coaching and consulting skills in graduate school paths at both the pre-degree completion stage of development and post degree obtainment are discussed. involve focusing on gaining knowledge about coaching via deliberate choices in academic assignments and seeking practicums and internships that involve opportunities for the supervised practice of coaching. Suggestions at the post-degree level include seeking post-internships or applied work where coaching work is mentored and supervised, and subsequent to development of basic competence, engagement in peer consultation for coaching work. As pertains, to the development of competency in the technological aspects of coaching, recommendations will include coverage of techniques and considerations in gaining competence in the use of technology along with an understanding of the effects of this use on the client and the coaching experience. Additionally, methods for obtaining informed consent and maintaining security, confidentiality, privacy, and disposal of the data will also be shared.


Author(s): Bruce Bongar, PhD, Lori Holleran, MA, and Larry Beutler, PhD.
Title:  Determining standards of care for clients with access to lethal 
Date: August 9, 2015
Time: 9am to 9:50
Location: Convention Centre, room 206C
Division Affiliation: Div. 29
Description:  This symposium will examine standards of care for suicidal clients with access to lethal means.  Two past presidents of Division 29 will discuss crucial role of evidence based approaches as highlighted in the presentations. First, pilot data will be presented from a national survey of State Attorneys General considering desired actions for psychologists and mental health workers in response to patients presenting with imminent risk and access to lethal means.  To further illustrate the importance of this data, an article from Oxford University Press will be highlighted, detailing the impact of lethal means on suicide completion rates.  Data gathered from city police will also be discussed, as this group is one that has many interactions with individuals in personal crisis.  The second presentation will be focused on the lethal means counseling approach developed by Harvard School of Public Health.  This will include a particular focus on effective approaches for suicidal youths and adolescents, an age group that is particularly risky due to normal levels of impulsivity.  This symposium may help professionals make lasting, important decisions about a standard of care for clients who are in extreme crisis.


10:00 AM


Author(s): Julie A. Gallagher, Psy.D. ABPP & Randy T. Salekin, Ph.D.
Title: Evaluations of Juveniles’ Transfer to Criminal Court: Current Knowledge and Future Directions
Date: Sunday 8/9/2015
Time: 10:00 - 10:50 am
Location: Convention Centre Room 206E
ABPP Specialty Area: Forensic
Division Affiliation: 41
Description: This symposium offers a synthesis of recent research and policy development on adolescent offenders and provides state-of-the-art guidance to clinicians who want to conduct disposition and transfer evaluations. 


12:00 PM


Author(s): Lane, Geoffrey W., Stevenson, C., Villanueva, E., & Shibata, T.
Title: Robotic Pet Therapy, VR Technology, and Video Gaming in Long-Term Care With Older Adults
Date: 08/09/15
Time: 12-2:50pm
Location: Convention Centre Room 205B
ABPP Specialty Area: Geropsychology
Division Affiliation: Adult Development and Aging (Division 20)
Description: Symposium will discuss various innovations in the LTC environment that have either been implemented successfully or are in the process of being envisioned and/or implemented, and outline their expected benefits. Will be talking about the ethical, logistical, bureaucratic, and practical obstacles to enacting these technological innovations at a VA long term care facility and in the skilled nursing environment in general. CEs will be offered.




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